Saturday, August 11, 2007

While On The Subject Of Yummy

Boulder's got this restaurant called Antica Roma. Antica Roma's got this entrée called "Noce e Zucca." In English, that's "perfect creamy fattening divine goodness involving walnuts and butternut squash and various moaning noises." (Stick that in your phrase book and take it to Italy.)

Here's how I have something very much like it at home for exceedingly cheap.

  • Roast* a couple handfuls of diced squashies. Which type? Eh. Your choice. I have some zuccini in the fridge and a bag of frozen butternut in the freezer.
  • Cook the pasta from a box of Annie's Peace Parmesan. Alfredo Shells & Cheddar will do in a pinch.
    *If in a hurry, cook squashies by tossing them in with the pasta during the last couple minutes of boilage.
  • While pasta drains, simmer together 1/4 C heavy whipping cream and 1 Tbl sherry or whatever else you have on hand and like to cook with.
  • Toss in a handful of crushed walnuts.
  • Dump in pasta and squashies. Mix thoroughly.
  • Commence with the yummy.

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