Monday, February 9, 2009

What? Of course it was awesome!

I thoroughly concur with Joe Hill.

Also, on the subject of how appropriate the movie is for kids, I'm reading comments all over the blogosphere along the lines of "I took my 3-year-old. She was mesmerized! She wants to see it again!"

John and I saw the 10:00 PM showing on opening night in downtown Denver - in 3D, of course. I saw very happy children coming out of the previous showing with that star-struck look in their eyes; I wanted to stop every family I saw and jump up and down saying "Was it awesome? Was it totally awesome? Was it? It was, wasn't it?"

Our theater was, given the lateness of the hour, mostly full of college-age kids. They laughed at the right times, gasped at the right times, murmured "Creeeee-py!" at the right times, and also cried out "Do Not Want!" when Other Mrs. Spink (or Forcible; I get them mixed up) showed up in her mermaid pasties. (Which, meh. The idea that fat women in skimpy clothes are good for a disgusted laugh is just another face of the misogynist idea that women's bodies are for looking at, not living in, and therefore should be on display if "hot"--as defined by the oglers--and covered up if not. But that's another rant for another time.)

But there were young children there, too. Even at a 10:00 PM showing. Each of them looking like today was their birthday and they were about to receive the best present ever.

The smiles! The big beautiful smiles!