Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Open Letter to Starwood Properties

Dear Starwood,

So I understand who your target audience at the W is. I do see how this is a population calculated to appreciate that you blew your budget on tempting incidentals and on cutsy alliterative branding, and didn't save much for things like free wi-fi or even bathtubs.

I get that your target audience has money to spare and probably throws away the soap bar when it's used to the point that the brand imprint no longer shows clearly.


When you use a bit of widely spaced wire grating for your soap dish, you don't just make soap slivers fall through, you also make it very difficult to bring into the shower those little bottles of Bliss shower products that you provide us with. Because they are too narrow at the base to stand up reliably in that wire grate soap dish of yours.

For the love of little green double-yous, Starwood, learn what Q. A. testing is for! Get some beta users to try the place out and alert you to STUPID INCONSISTENCIES!

Also. No tub? Really? After our long days spent in airports or on trains, much of it on our poor aching feetsies, you would deny us that long, luxurious soak we so badly need? I tried to use your shower cubicle instead, but there's this drain at the bottom I can't plug. Deep sigh.

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Michelle said...

The local gaming con is held at a Starwood owned hotel and we run into these problems every time (hell they didn't bother with glass in all the windows for YEARS).

Lunch intermittent...soap a request, hot water a luxury, clean rooms a maybe, internet access no.

They finally got their act together and even threw in free wifi.

However they are now going to close the hotel down this fall. go fig.