Monday, April 20, 2009

Trains Are All Laid-Back And Stuff, Exhibit #157

Exhibit #157 evincing the laid-back-ness of train stations as compared to airports in our Post 9/11 World:

"Once again, ladies and gentlemen, will all visitors please detrain. We are about to depart."

Exhibits #107-110 are the absence of metal-detector arches, my shoes having remained on my feet until McComb, the pocket-knife in my left jeans pocket, and the total lack of seat-belts in coach.

More on this subject as it occurs.

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Anonymous said...

I really dig trains. There are some ways I dig them a little less than I could, such as their economics (it only ever makes financial sense for me to take the train solo, and often only one way), and riding coach for more than a day gets to be... Interesting. I have not had the life experience that allowed me to be comfortable sleeping through the night next to a stranger.

But that laid-backness is awesome, and the primary stations I tend to go through are beautiful buildings.