Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So this is the GOOD alternate universe, right?

Proposed: That during the Bush administration, comedians were often doing a better job at news than the news reporters were, cf. The Onion, The Daily Show/Jon Stewart.

Observed: That on the first day of the Obama administration, CNN is calling on comedians to augment their news segments, cf. Carlos Mencia interview, recap of last night's Colbert Report "Did you think you'd ever live to see this day?" segment.

Summarized: We seem to have gone from comedians reporting on news, to news reporting on comedy.

(Also observed: I'm watching CNN. On purpose. And they're quoting Rush Limbaugh in order to criticize him.)

Clearly, we switched universes yesterday. It remains to be seen whether we switched back to the universe we left when the Supreme Court made Bush President in January 2001, or whether this is a third alternate universe we had not counted upon.


In Practice said...

Where's my zeppelin?

Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little said...

Patience. That's coming during the second 100 days.

Sarah said...

Andrew used to visit the universe with the zeppelins. They also have dinosaurs there. Be careful entering the IKEA stores, though - they're booby-trapped with crossbows.

redwolf68 said...

I like this alternate universe better - Mr. Prez, he talk smart to Mongo, Mongo feel smart now, too. Maybe Mongo not only pawn in game of life!