Friday, September 26, 2008

How Not To Use Your "Fry Daddy Jr." (TM)

Remember: Before plugging in your Fry Daddy Jr., always remove the black plastic storage lid!

The stupid of it is, my first instinct was to write to the company. "I just plugged it in, like normal, and the black hard-plastic rim melted! It's not supposed to be able to do that! It's supposed to be heat-resistant!"

Then I remembered that the appliance doesn't have a black hard-plastic rim. And that I couldn't find the storage lid. Or a memory of having removed the lid.


Tonight we fry tofu the old fashioned way: In an inch of shortening in the iron skillet. Tomorrow, we attempt to clean what used to be the storage lid off the Fry Daddy Jr. in hopes of returning the appliance to active use. Wish us luck.


drew said...

Yikes! Good luck with that.

A few years ago we had a "sit plastic thing on a still hot cast iron burner" moment. It was quite a few months of periodic scraping with a razor blade and paper towel + heat before the burner was back in order.

Again, good luck. - drew

Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little said...

I feel your pain. Thankfully, this is turning out to be a fairly simple clean up. After simply peeling off the big bits, I plugged in the Fry Daddy Jr. near a window (stinky!) and carefully wiped off most of the rest of the black stuff using a paper towel moistened in the hot oil. It helps that the stainless steel frying container is meant to be non-stick; it has super smooth, low-friction surfaces.

I'm almost done now - I just have been lazy since the first attempt. But everything above the surface of the shortening currently in the container is clean again. Effortless fried tofu and perfectly puffy beignets will be ours once more!

Anonymous said...


Don't feel bad - I did the same thing a few years ago!

Anonymous said...

ive always been afraid this will happen to me!