Thursday, November 15, 2007

i *heart* making light

Exhibit A:

It is one thing to call a blog-comments-troll a fruitcake. It is a thing of an entirely other and more elegant order to give the troll a fruitcake recipe.

Exhibit B:

After two threads about Ron Paul devolved into abortion debates (this is vaguely legit given Ron Paul's pro-forced-pregnancy policies thinly disguised as a states-rights stance), Teresa made a brand new thread for those determined to pursue the subject beyond the bounds of civility. "If y wnt t tlk bt brtn, d t hr," she wrote. Whereupon people commenced to talk about everything but on the pretext of playfully misunderstanding her disemvowelled text.

1 comment:

Curtis said...

Pro-forced pregnancy? Never heard that one before. Ron Paul is pro-choice and pro-life. Babies aren't created when the doctor delivers them. The stork doesn't just show up after 9-months with a baby. Women have full control over their body. That new life created after choice was made is not the woman's body.